Borgward B2000 diesel motor ?

  • hello, im sorry i speak only french or english...

    I'm selling borward B2000. If I not sell the vehicle, I will change the original motor into diesel.
    What kind of diesel motor is possible to put inside?

  • Hallo, es tut mir leid, ich spreche nur französisch oder englisch ...

    Ich verkaufe Blei B2000. Wenn ich das Fahrzeug nicht verkaufe, werde ich den Originalmotor in Diesel wechseln.
    Was für ein Dieselmotor ist möglich?

  • Hello Auvergnat,

    before talking about technical details let me ask you something about your motivation.

    Actually there are two options: selling or upgrading with a diesel motor.
    Possible reasons for selling could be: to less time, no interest, no money, no reasonable idea for use etc.
    But to be honest; upgrade with a diesel rotor requires a lot of time and money, also your interest is required as well as a reasonable idea for future use is necessary.

    So these two mentioned options seems to be very contradictory.

    Before starting anything make yourself aware what do you want.
    A car for traveling ? A car for crusing ? A car for carry goods on wayless terrain ?

    Any how. All of these option of use can be done as well as by gasoline motor as by diesel motor.

    About technical details:
    The easiest way is to take a diesel motor from Borgward. Type 4D3,3 was also used in the lorries B 2000 A/D, B 2500 A/D (later named B 522 A/D). The clutch housing needs to be replaced cause of bigger diameter of the fly wheel. Shift gearbox is identical as well as transfer gear. Due to lower speed of the diesel motor (2800 1/min <-> 4000 1/ min) you need to change also the axle gear with different ratio. To keep a satisfying speed of the car you also should consider about bigger wheels (10.5-20 instead of 9.00-16).
    It will be very difficult to find these axle gears and to find a proper motor will also not so easy. In the end it could be the best to buy a complete car typ B 522 A/D.
    But then you have to ask your self why not use the B 522 insteed of taking the effort for upgrading your car.

    Nearly 30 years ago I changed the motor of my B 2000 A/O to a Mercedes Diesel Motor type OM 617 (from W 123 300D). It took a huge effort to create a new clutch housing, to change the motor support and to change position of the oil-filter. Further adaption of piping and hosing.
    Since then I run about 100.000 km with that motor but there are still inaccuracies which causes problems and additional maintenance.

    Details you will find here:
    Borgward B 2000 Umbau von Benzin auf Diesel
    (only in german, but google translate will help you)

    I do not know national regulations in France, but doing such an upgrade in Germany, you will loose your approbation as classic car which causes much more higher tax and you are not longer allowed to enter low-emission zones.

    If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask.



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  • <p>Hello Peter,</p>

    <p>Thank you for the very informative letter!</p>

    <p>It took me time to consider and make a decision. I don't see how is possible to use this truck for my own needs, therefore I prefer to find a persone who will be interested to make full restauration or will need additional parts.</p>

    <p>The truck and engine, of course, will stay in its original complectation. I'm not going to make any changes.</p>

    <p>Best regards!</p>